About us
  •  Who We Are
    Sensorbase Technologic Inc. is a professional sensor manufacturer, Sensorbase was established in 1992 with more than 20 years in sensor field.
  •  What Do We Do
    The company's products include NTC thermistor, Humidity sensor, Pressure sensor, UV sensor, ICs, PTC thermistor, Hall Effect sensor, SMD Varistor, PIR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, CDS, Reed switch, Microwave sensor, Position sensor, Snock sensor, NTC probes and assemblies. Customers world-wide use Sensorbase Sensors in their most demanding applications.
  •  Our Mission
    We Offering competitive Price and High quality to our valued customers.
  •  Our Quality
    Total Quality Management is our pledge.
  •  Our Vision
    Profitable margin for the sales market and increase our market share.

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